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Adrian Leung

Product Operations | ATB

"I was in a lonely place after getting laid off from Oil and Gas. I had been extremely dissatisfied with my prior job, and I knew I wanted to make a change into tech and going back to Oil and Gas was not an option.While I had no idea where I wanted to go, discovering the CITI community helped me connect with people in the same boat that I was. While I was still discovering my own journey into tech, I was no longer walking alone. I was able to meet and learn from others who were also hungry to make the pivot."

Song Ha

Software Developer | Ingenio Solutions

“I really enjoy being part of the CITI community. When I was looking for my first role in tech, CITI programming gave me the opportunity to meet inspiring people, grow my network, refine my pitch and gave me access to valuable job-hunting resources. After I successfully pivoted I stayed in the community as an Advisor because it brings me joy; I really enjoy paying it forward, helping others on their journey, and getting to know people in the community."

Kaelyn Boyes

Product Manager | Samdesk

“CITI was so welcoming! I was surrounded by like-minded people and felt connected. Entrepreneurship can be lonely; it was helpful to hear others go through unfamiliar situations and how they faced big challenges, plus… I learned a lot about networking. CITI was a safe community to build my confidence, navigate imposter syndrome and land the job!"

Ryan Sekulic

Data Scientist | Reddit

“I have been a member since the early days of CITI, and have found it a constructive and supportive place to meet with other members of the community, both already within tech and those seeking to pivot. CITI provides an opportunity to build skills both as a mentor when you help others, but also in new areas as members of the community are always seeking to give back and share their experiences. I am very happy to be a member of the community, and look forward to more constructive and positive interactions.”

Diana Wong Doolan

Software Developer | Benevity

“CITI was a great addition to my pivot. It was a social support and community. The best part was the consistency and regularity of the meetings including the pivot panels and specifically the breakout rooms at the weekly meetings. Connecting with regulars made it easy to ask questions, was affirming, an opportunity to build confidence, learn from each other and stay informed about what’s happening in tech. CITI became, in a sense, an extended chosen family and community."

Mai Khalil

Product Manager | Deloitte

"I joined CITI before returning to Canada and it confirmed to me that Calgary is the place to be for a growing tech ecosystem. CITI is not only a strong community for those pivoting into tech but also a cornerstone for meaningful connections and a sense of belonging that I personally needed as a newcomer."

Chris Arsenault

Digital Marketer | G2V Optics

“After being laid off in July 2021. I found myself looking at a career in tech from manufacturing. I came upon a post by CITI on LinkedIn and met up with Zac. I went from floundering on how to accomplish this pivot to an actual roadmap to do so. The advisors and community were welcoming and full of guidance. It took about a year after joining the group to where I can successfully say I pivoted into Digital Marketing. This again is all thanks to CITI and hosting a presentation from my future school, OnRamp."

Jean Armstrong

Software Developer |Launchpad by Vog

“The resources, generosity and support at CITI are the foundation of my successful pivot into tech. Joined CITI to learn more about tech but it is the community aspect that keeps me returning each week! Looking for where to start? Try Random Coffee or Breakout Rooms at Wednesday night events. These were my favourite networking activities, when I first started, as everyone involved is interested in taking time to have a conversation."

Kat Connolly

Software Developer | Checkfront

“I've been a part of a lot of tech organizations over the years and CITI has become my go-to. Everyone in the group has pivoted or is pivoting now so there is a shared experience and knowledge base that you won't find anywhere else."

Regan Setter

Product Manager

"CITI is a community-focused platform for professionals to learn and connect with like-minded people. I moved from Saskatchewan to Calgary in 2022 and quickly built many meaningful connections in my industry because of the CITI platform. I've been able to help others during their career search while simultaneously receiving help. The members of CITI want to see you succeed and go above and beyond to provide you with the help you need to have a fulfilling, meaningful career in Tech. Thanks CITI!"

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Careers In Technology and Innovation online community is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to grow and accelerate your career in tech.

Weekly workshops and events facilitated by leaders in the tech ecosystem

A forum to ask unlimited questions and get feedback on where you are stuck

100s of curated resources about roles in tech, finding your next job, and growing your career

Over 50 advisors who work in tech, and you can reach out to for support and connection

Support by like-valued members growing their tech careers

Job Board, with direct connections to hiring managers

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Are you a company looking to hire? Are you a seasoned tech leader wanting to give back? Are you a ecosystem supporter that wants to partner? Contact us today!

“POPcodes applauds and appreciates CITI’s win-win strategy! We all win through CITI’s efforts to help Canadians leverage and build their expertise for the ever-changing needs of the modern workplace. And, companies like POPcodes clearly win as their “CITI-zens” join our teams!”

Gregg Aamoth

CEO, POPcodes | Hiring Partner

"CITI is creating a more diverse tech community by helping more people find their place in Calgary’s tech sector. They are connecting people to new career opportunities, supporting career changers to transition their current skills, and helping companies find talent to keep their companies growing. Platform Calgary works in partnership with CITI to connect people and support talent development and hiring through programs, community meet-ups, and events."

Vanessa Gagnon

Platform Calgary | Ecosystem Partner

"Being part of starting advisors in CITI has been a great honour. I've met people from all different backgrounds, both professional and cultural, I had been able to meet quite a few and have the honour to call a few of them friends.The insights offered, the resources administered, and the willingness to help is amazing. It's all about paying it forward. Pivoting is hard, tech is complicated, if I can make it a bit easier for anybody, then the mission is accomplished."

Eric DayAdvisor

Senior Software Developer | Neurotrack

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