May 24, 2024

The Role of Enablers in Enhancing Organizational Success

After delving into's report titled “Pulse of the Profession 2024”, CITI member, Jeremy Rivard, shares his insights on the crucial role of enablers in driving project success. He discusses understanding enablers and how you can support them for success in your organization.

Written by our experience CITI member, Jeremy Rivard, this is a insightful piece on how enablers enhance organizational success.

I recently had the opportunity to dive into some of the insights from, explicitly delving into their comprehensive report titled "Pulse of the Profession 2024." Published in 2023, this report is a valuable source of data and analysis on project management trends and practices. One section that caught my attention was "Enablers" of project success. The discussion about how organizations can enhance their project outcomes by implementing strategic support and resources was insightful and actionable. This report segment highlights enablers' vital role in creating a supportive environment for project teams, ultimately driving organizational success.

Below is an introduction to enablers and how they can be effectively integrated into an organization’s framework to promote project success.

Understanding Enablers

Enablers in an organization are tools, resources, or practices that enhance employees' capabilities and facilitate optimal project outcomes. They empower teams by providing the support and infrastructure necessary for efficient and innovative work. These resources range from advanced technological tools to employee training programs and supportive management practices.

Evidence Supporting Enablers

Research highlights the significance of enablers in enhancing project success. For example, organizations that provide mentoring, communities of practice, and other learning opportunities tend to experience improved project performance to a considerable extent. A notable study conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI) found that organizations offering at least three enablers observed an 8.3% rise in project performance compared to those that did not provide any enablers.

Supporting Enablers for Success in Your Organization

During my career, I have had the opportunity to access unique resources for development and growth. However, there have also been instances where I have noticed a lack of resources that can hinder team success and ultimately impact the organization. Below are examples of some successes and suggestions!

1. 🎓Enhance Training and Development🎓
  • Organizations should invest in continuous learning opportunities for their employees, such as workshops, seminars, and access to online courses, to keep skills sharp and up-to-date.
  • A dot voting chart of proposed Udemy or Coursera courses that can be purchased for team members to upskill
  • Commitment to relieving Technical Debt concerning providing team members access to required resources
  • Providing payment (not reimbursement where possible) for courses and certifications AND providing time to achieve the desired outcome!

2. 🧭Foster a Culture of Mentorship🧭
  • Creating a mentorship program where seasoned professionals can guide less experienced team members can greatly enhance professional development and increase project efficiency.
  • Offer incentives such as professional development opportunities, company communications recognition, or performance evaluation benefits to those who practice as mentors.
  • Provide training for mentors to help them better understand their roles and expectations.

3. 🤲Create Communities of Practice🤲
  • These are groups where individuals interested in a specific area of expertise come together to share information, inspire each other, and discuss best practices.
  • Inspire and sponsor a team to participate in Hackathons or other Community Events.
  • Promote team members to contribute to social media outreach with their shared learnings.

Integrating enablers into organizational practices involves more than just adopting new tools or policies—it's about creating an environment that fosters continuous improvement and adaptation. Organizations that acknowledge and implement these enablers are better able to tackle challenges, resulting in more successful project outcomes and a competitive advantage in their industry.

How does your organization effectively promote or use Enablers?

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